Witchy Woman Angel Squirts Her Tit Milk

27th October, 2010

Happy Halloween and welcome to the brand new Lactation Porn blog! There are no tricks here, only plenty of healthy, milky treats for those who like their tits warm and leaky.

You and I know just how difficult it can be to find quality lactation pics and videos online, but now you don’t have to search for hours to get a squirt, because this lactating breast fanatic is going to bring you all the tit milk you could ever jerk to.

Cop a gander at Witchy Angel’s big milk squirting tits and see if she doesn’t cast her spell on you:

Lactating Breasts Squirting

A puffier pair of nipples you’ve never seen, and the most beautiful thing about them is that they’re always ready to squirt a load of fresh, warm goodness that’s second only to the load you’re going to squirt when you watch her go.

Did I mention that Angel and her mammalian fountains are featured in high resolution photos and high definition videos, so you can actually see her spraying? This is true, quality lactation…enjoy!

Click to Watch the Milk Fly!